Feature Set

Import & Export

Drag in text and images directly from Safari.

Support for most common formats on the pasteboard for interoperability with other popular applications.

Import and export OPML, RTF, PNG, TIFF, and PDF file formats.


Link internally to other worksheets.

Link externally to desktop files, web pages and email addresses.


Attach notes to any object on a worksheet.

Notes are created and edited in a separate window.

Annotation with Word Wrap

Create annotation text objects directly on a worksheet.

Global Search & Replace

Search for and replace text across multiple worksheets and notes within a single document.

Built-In Spell Checker

Standard spell checker is conveniently built in.

Connector Style and Spacing

Choose angular or organic connecting lines with adjustable spacing.

Object Alignment Guides

Optional alignment guides appear when dragging objects around the worksheet.

Alignment Commands

A full compliment of object alignment commands are available.

Checkmarks and Headings

Append and prepend checkmarks.

Optionally generate and append both roman and decimal style outline headings.

Auto-Adjust Font Size

Automatically assign font size based upon position within the tree structure.

Consolidation and Separation

Combine and separate text objects after importing blocks of text.

Multiple Worksheets in Single Document

Create multiple worksheets within a single document.

Dynamically Sized Worksheets

Grow worksheets in any direction at any time.

Override Topic Branch Layout

Manually place topic branches for precise control of worksheet layout.

Collapsible Branches

Hide offspring to simplify a worksheet.

Text Justification

Includes a choice that auto-justifies multi-line text left, right or center based upon its location in the tree.

Drag-Import Linked URLs, Documents and Address Book Entries

Import URLs from Safari, linked documents from the Desktop, and linked vCards from Address Book.

Hover over most links to pop up a tool tip window listing the destination.

PDF Export with Active URL Links and Optional Password Protection

Export documents in PDF format while preserving internal worksheet and external URL-based links.

Optionally add password-protection.

Configurable Toolbar

Configure the toolbar with favorite commands.

Help System

An extensive help system is included.


An interactive introductory tutorial is included.

Auto Update Check

Automatically check for updates upon startup.

Product Support

Purchase includes email support with historically fast response times.

Automated Purchase 24/7

Purchase can be made at any time day or night.

Purchase triggers a machine-generated welcome message delivered by email which includes a personalized serial number.

Process normally takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

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