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Version 1.0  --  10/29/14

Initial App Store release. 



An introductory tutorial is available here, as well as from the "Help" menu within Gemini.



Selecting folders using the open panel is cumbersome.  Is there an easier way?

Yes.  You can simply drag each folder on to either the left or right side of the Gemini window.

My toolbar is missing.  What should I do?

To show the toolbar if it's hidden, right click (or control-click) on the Gemini window title bar to view its popup menu, and then click on "Hide Toolbar" to uncheck it.

I have a feature suggestion.  Is Mindcad interested?

Mindcad is very interested in your suggestion.  Please click the "Contact Us" link below, and send us a short email with your suggestion.  We often decide what to work on next based upon customer feedback. 


System Requirements

The current version of Gemini requires OS X 10.9 or later, and must be purchased via the App Store.  Click here to purchase. 


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