Tutorial: Getting Started

Step One

When you open Mindcad Gemini, your screen will look like this:


Step Two

To select a folder click the "Choose Left" icon on the toolbar and your Open Panel will drop down:

I've chosen a Media folder, as shown below:


Step Three

Next, click the "Choose Right" icon to select a folder to compare to the one on the left.  You can also drag a folder into Mindcad Gemini.  In this case, I've dragged in my Media backup.

Note: If you prefer your folders to be on opposite sides of the screen, click "Swap" on the toolbar and their locations will be reversed.


Step Four

When files have a red background, this indicates a mismatch. Alternatively, when files have a green background, they match.

If you are comparing a large number of files, you may want to select "Diffs" instead of "All" as your Display Filter on the toolbar. This way, only the files that don't match (have differences) will be displayed, as shown below:

Note that on the toolbar you can choose your match criteria. In this case, I've chosen "Size".

To view the contents of a folder, you can click on the arrow to the left of its folder icon.  In addition, if you select "Media" under Display Info on the toolbar, a summary of each file's media format information will be displayed, as shown below:

To take a look at an item, select it and it will turn white. Next click "Quick Look" on the toolbar to view your item, as shown below:

If you select a TV episode, film, video, or musical selection it will start to play.  If you select a text file it will open like the photo in the screenshot above.

When you are finished viewing an item, close the Quick Look window.  The item will remain white, indicating it is still selected. To deselect it, press Command-Click.


Step Five

I decide to copy an episode of Downton Abbey into my media backup.  To do so I click on the folder and its background turns white, as shown below.  If you select a folder in error, press Command-Click, and it will be deselected.


Step Six

Next I click "Copy Right" on the toolbar to copy the episode of Downton Abbey from my media folder on the left side of the screen to my media backup on the right.  The background of the selected item turns yellow as it is being transferred, as shown below:

If you change your mind in the middle of a file transfer, click "Cancel All" on the toolbar.  A window will appear asking if you are sure you want to cancel, giving you the option to cancel all transfers, cancel waiting transfers, or continue the transfer, as shown below:

If you have selected a number of files to transfer and want to review your waiting transfers, click "Queue" on the toolbar.  The current file transfer and all waiting transfers will have turned yellow.  Pending transfers will each contain the "Cancel" icon, which allows you to cancel pending transfers individually, if desired:


Step Seven

If you have copied something in error or simply want to remove an item from a folder, right click on it.  It will turn white and a menu will appear giving you the option to remove it or to show it in Finder.  If you change your mind before choosing one of the options, press Command-Click to close the box, and the folder will turn back to its original color.

Note that If you use the Finder to change any of the contents of the folders you have open in Gemini, click Reload on the toolbar so Gemini will recognize your changes.



If you have any suggestions for additional features or improvements, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy!




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