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Incubator as Project Portfolio

An Incubator document consists of multiple worksheets that can hold both text and images.  These worksheets can readily serve as containers for the assets of a project.  The collected objects can later be copied and pasted into other Incubator worksheets or documents.

Word Wrap

In the case where it is desirable to extensively create or edit a multi-line text object, it may be useful to first convert it to an annotation object.  This allows for the use of word-wrap and adjustable width.  When editing is complete, the object can be converted back to either a text object or topic.  Control-click an object to display its context menu which contains the conversion commands.

Cutting & Pasting PDFs

When using presentation software, often the best way to import an Incubator worksheet is by selecting the entire worksheet, and then cutting and pasting it directly into the presentation.  This preserves the greatest resolution for both text and images.  You can also open Preview and press Command-N to create a full resolution image using the contents of the clipboard. 

Automating Workflow

When using Incubator to generate OPML XML documents for further processing, it is possible to export OPML directly using the command shell.

Here's the required syntax:

  ./Incubator/Contents/MacOS/Incubator -exportOPML <sourcefile> <targetfile>

This feature is provided for those who are comfortable using the OS X command line interface.  For more information, please visit the O'Reilly Network, perhaps starting with the introductory article: Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1.


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