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Incubator Version 3.5.5  --  05/17/16

Version 3.5.5 fixes an issue where text elements failed to attach when worksheets became too complex. 

Incubator Version 3.5.3  --  04/25/16

Version 3.5.3 fixes an issue with internal links between worksheets. 

Incubator Version 3.5  --  03/09/16    (This and all future versions require OS X 10.9.)

Version 3.5 improves stability under OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and moves PDF Export to the Print panel.  This version also removes Freemind Import/Export capabilities, and restores the ability to export worksheets as images. 

Incubator Version 3.2  --  02/17/13

Version 3.2 adds a context menu to the directory panel, and enhances OPML import / PDF export capabilities. 

Incubator Version 3.1  --  03/13/12    (This and all future versions are available only on the App Store.)

Version 3.1 is an App Store compatible version otherwise identical to 3.0.2. 

Incubator Version 3.0.2  --  06/25/11

Version 3.0.2 addresses a problem with saved preferences that prevented the creation of worksheet elements if a default font shadow had not been defined. 

Incubator Version 3.0.1  --  06/04/11

Version 3.0.1 addresses a 3.0 upgrade serial number recognition issue. 

Incubator Version 3.0  --  05/30/11    (This and all future versions requires OS X 10.6.)

Version 3.0 replaces the tab-based workspace with a worksheet directory on the left and the selected worksheet on the right.  This update also adds the ability to choose a worksheet color, and improves the grow/trim worksheet mechanism.  The worksheet zoom and data drawer mechanisms have been removed because of performance considerations. 

Note that version 3.0 is a major upgrade and requires a serial number purchased in 2010 or later.

Incubator Version 2.6.4  --  12/02/10

Version 2.6.4 contains missing inspector panel text for both the German and French localizations. 

Incubator Version 2.6.3  --  06/19/10

Version 2.6.3 improves PDF export, including hyperlink preservation and password protection. 

Incubator Version 2.6.2  --  04/01/10

Version 2.6.2 addresses issues with import/export of XML files and enable/disable of menu items in the German and French localizations. 

Incubator Version 2.6.1  --  12/09/09

Version 2.6.1 addresses an issue with topic to text element conversion. 

Incubator Version 2.6  --  10/15/09    (This and all future versions require either OS X 10.5 or 10.6.)

Version 2.6 adds OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility.  This version also adds the ability to toggle object alignment guides on/off using the Format menu. 

Incubator Version 2.5.2  --  01/19/09

Version 2.5.2 addresses a major OS X 10.4 Tiger issue inadvertently introduced with QuickLook support for OS X 10.5 Leopard. 

Incubator Version 2.5.1  --  09/19/08

Version 2.5.1 adds performance improvements for Intel-based Macs. 

Incubator Version 2.5  --  07/27/08

Version 2.5 adds support for QuickLook. 

Incubator Version 2.4.1  --  03/21/08

Version 2.4.1 addresses a minor issue with embedded images. 

Incubator Version 2.4  --  02/03/08

Version 2.4 consolidates Leopard compatibility and adds the ability to import/export FreeMind maps.  This XML-based file format can also be used to upload/download shared maps from MindMeister.

Incubator Version 2.3.1  --  01/13/08

Version 2.3.1 honors System Preferences when formatting dates and times for printing.

Incubator Version 2.3  --  11/25/07

Version 2.3 adds configurable headers and footers for printing titles, timestamps, page numbers and more.  This version also improves compatibility with OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Incubator Version 2.2.1  --  10/27/07

Version 2.2.1 adds OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility. 

Incubator Version 2.2  --  01/07/07    (This and all future versions require either OS X 10.4 or 10.5.)

Version 2.2 adds the experimental ability to create live web and page links, and to assign a password, when exporting as PDF.  File links are not created due to a PDF export library limitation. 

Incubator Version 2.1.5  --  11/07/06

Version 2.1.5 adds the ability to command-drag images onto a worksheet as links (rather than as actual images).  Items with prepended checkmarks no longer disable the Bold and Italic menu items. 

Incubator Version 2.1.4  --  10/16/06

Version 2.1.4 restores full compatibility with OS X 10.3.9. 

Incubator Version 2.1.3  --  09/30/06

Version 2.1.3 adds explicit PDF export. 

Incubator Version 2.1.2  --  04/07/06

Version 2.1.2 further improves French localization.  A problem that prevented the notes icon from opening the Inspector has been addressed. 

Incubator Version 2.1.1  --  03/28/06

Version 2.1.1 improves French localization.  The Inspection panel now correctly remembers its position and visible state between sessions. 

Incubator Version 2.1  --  03/07/06

Version 2.1 adds French localization.  A problem that sometimes caused Incubator to quit while selecting line shadow preference has also been addressed. 

Incubator Version 2.0  --  02/28/06

Version 2.0 adds native support for the new Intel-based Macs.  This version also automatically creates a link to any file dragged in from the desktop, any URL dragged in from Safari, or any vCard dragged in directly from the Address Book.  A popup window will now display the destination when hovering the mouse pointer over a link.  The embedded Spotlight plug-in has been converted to universal format.

Incubator Version 1.1.2  --  01/11/06

Version 1.1.2 adds the ability to adjust annotation width by dragging the right side of the focus ring.  A problem which prevented exporting worksheets as images has also been addressed. 

Incubator Version 1.1.1  --  01/05/06

Version 1.1.1 fixes a problem with the German localization of the Inspector panel. 

Incubator Version 1.1  --  01/02/06

Version 1.1 adds German localization. 

Incubator Version 1.0.3  --  12/13/05

Version 1.0.3 adds the ability to shift-drag topic branches to override auto-layout and manually position them.  Branches can now be collapsed and expanded by option-double-clicking or by using option-arrow keys.  Deleting from the keyboard now moves the focus to the closest remaining ancestor.  Automatic check for updates now displays a message only once for each new update.  A hints panel, available from the "Help" menu, has been added summarizing the available mouse and keyboard commands. 

Incubator Version 1.0.2  --  11/29/05

This is an important upgrade.

Version 1.0.2 addresses a potentially serious problem associated with opening documents from either the dock or the "Open Recent" menu when no other documents are open. 

The location of the Inspector panel is now properly saved when closed. 

Incubator Version 1.0.1  --  11/21/05

Version 1.0.1 adds text justification for multi-line topics and text items to the Layout tab of the Inspector panel.  The ability to capture the width of annotation and make it the default has been added to the Preferences panel.  The embedded Spotlight plug-in has been improved.  The file extension has been changed to .mcn to prevent conflicts with other popular document types. 

Incubator Version 1.0  --  11/11/05

Initial release.  Includes data drawer, new inspector panel and collapsible branches. 

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