Tutorial: Printing a Poster

Step One

Drag and drop your PDF file into the Tiler workspace.  If, as in the screenshot below, it reflects the dimensions you would like for your poster, you can skip to step five.

If your file does not reflect the desired dimensions and instead seems to be floating in white space, as in the following screenshot, then it needs to be cropped before printing.  Continue on to step two.

Step Two

Open your PDF file in Preview and click on "Tools" in the Menu Bar.  Next, click on "Rectangular Selection" in the Tools menu.  Use the cursor, which looks like crosshairs, to define the shape of your poster.

Step Three

Next, click on "Tools" again and select "Crop".  You will receive an alert regarding cropping a PDF. Click "OK" and your poster will look like this:

Step Four

Now save your PDF file and drag and drop it into the Tiler workspace.

Step Five

In the above screenshot your poster is centered on one sheet of US letter size paper. You will see a light grey dotted line just inside the edge of the paper, indicating the printable area for the printer you have selected in "Page Setup".

By clicking on the "Add Column", "Del Column", "Add Row", "Del Row" and "Orientation" buttons on the Tiler toolbar you can experiment with the size and appearance of your poster. Each sheet of paper in your layout will be outlined in light grey, so you can see how many sheets will be required to print it.  Below is the final version.

Step Six

To print your poster, click on the "Print" button on the Toolbar to view the Print menu. Click on "Print" and you're done!



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